The premier searchable database for chemical information

What is ChemChart?

ChemChart is a free, public repository of chemical information classified by unique structure. When we first got started, we needed to aggregate as much chemical structure, hazard, and associated data as possible. We wanted to make this data available to our fellow scientists and researchers and thus, ChemChart was born.

Designed for maximum ease-of-use, has the most sophisticated search engine available. Not only can you search by CAS, IUPAC, SMILES, and common & technical names, you can also search by entire classes of chemicals (e.g. organic solvents), function (e.g. vasodilator), target applications (e.g. stomach ulcers), and any combinations thereof!


  • Over 230,000 Chemicals
  • Hazard Data
  • Chemical Analogs
  • Advanced Search
  • Industry Trends
  • Supplier Links

We are constantly adding more chemicals and data. Most recently, we have incorporated predictive models from the EPI Suite and EPA's Toxicity Estimation Software Tool (TEST) to each chemical page.

Our goal is to aid researchers in their quest to find the right chemical. Where possible, we include volume and pricing data complete with links to chemical suppliers.

ChemChart is funded and maintained by ToxTrack, LLC.

Who is ToxTrack?

ToxTrack was founded by computational scientists building predictive toxicological models. While we still build models, we have expanded our focus.

We build tools that help researchers and computational scientists. Our goal is to increase data access, optimize R&D funnels, and facilitate research and model creation.

ToxTrack Products

  • REACHAcross by UL - a predictive toxicological tool, currently predicts for 8 end-points
  • SysRev - a powerful Systematic Review tool, powered by machine learning
  • - the premier searchable database for chemicals
  • + Many more still in development

Are We Missing Something?

We are constantly adding features and data to If there is a feature, type of data, or specific dataset that you think we should incorporate, let us know!